||| Division Placement

Click here to determine your USTA ranking and estimate your division placement.

You will be placed in the division you submit in the application. However, you will be able to switch divisions freely until 03/09/14, after which your division placement will be final. Round Robin play will be split off into four divisions. You will be assigned a division based on the skills and experience you have listed in your application; from there you will be emailed a roster of players in the same division that you can may call or email in order to set up a match.

Each division has an email roster and listserv through which division members can contact each other to set up a match or rally.

||| Benefits of Round Robin Membership

**Six unique matches, win or lose, by the end-of-semester party gets you a free Tennis at Cal t-shirt.
**Use the Find Games tab to set up matches or rally sessions so you can find hitting partners!

||| Playing Matches

Practices are a good place to play round robin matches, however, this is subject to the space available during a given practice. Instead, many players opt to set up matches on their own time. Once you have contacted a person to set up a match you will need to call the RSF at 1-510-642-8345 to reserve a court. You will need two student IDs (for two hours of play, one ID per hour), and the court number you want to reserve.

There are several places you can play matches at:
1) Hearst Courts: Located next to the Hearst Gym, near the Bancroft Way & Bowditch Street intersection. These courts have lights until 10pm.
2) Golden Bear Courts: At Clark Kerr Dorm. These courts also have lights until 10 pm.
3) Channing Courts: On Channing between Ellsworth and Dana. Only courts 1-4 can be reserved; hours vary. See RSF's website for court times.
4) La Loma Courts: Next to Foothill Dorms; best to call and reserve, as there are only 3 courts to play on.

Rules & Reporting Scores: Matches are played best of three sets in singles, with six games to win a set. The winner should report their scores online (see right panel) and can view previous games both in the games list and their members profile.