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Tennis at Cal
Officers (left to right): Joon Kim, William Mok, Lisa Yan, Yusuke Harada, Alex Weingart, Kevin Wang, Kevin Luu, Frank Lu


||| President: Yusuke Harada

Hello everyone, I'm Yusuke Harada, your President for Tennis at Cal this semester. This is my fourth semester in TAC, and I have found my best group of friends here in Berkeley through this club. I hope your experience with the club will just as great, or even better than my own. It is my goal to make TAC, a place you can enjoy playing tennis and meet your best friends at Cal. Before I got to Berkeley, I lived in Roseville, near Sacramento, where I started playing tennis in 7th grade and played on my high school varsity tennis team all four years. I'm now a second year Materials Science & Engineering major, debating whether to play more tennis or get more sleep with my free time (the choice is obvious).
If you have any questions/concerns/ideas/suggestions, email me or the club, or find me on a court somewhere in Berkeley. Look for a tall Asian guy wearing a white hat backwards. Hope to see you all soon!

||| Social Chair: Frank Yang Lu

Hey Everyone! My name is Frank, and Iím excited to be your social chair for this semester! Iím a first year majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology. I played singles for Lowell Tennis in San Francisco during high school. I absolutely love the sport and the atmosphere it creates for people to interact and bond. Iím happy to say that Iíve met a lot of cool folks and awesome tennis players at TAC last semester!! Hopefully I'll get to meet lots of new friends this semester as well. So please feel free to say hi during practices, or email me about socials that might interest you. I look forward to meeting you all!

||| Tournament Director: Kevin Wang

Hey guys, I'm Kevin, otherwise known as Kimchee by the berkeley tennis players, and currently a 3rd year EECS major at Berkeley. I started playing when I was 4. So I kinda grew up with the sport my whole life. I'm hoping to meet people interested and or crazy about tennis ^_^. As a practice officer, I'm suppose to run practices smoothly and efficiently, so if anyone has concerns, or suggestions, just shout out to me. Hoping to meet a lots of new people and have a great semester!

||| Practice Officer: Alexander Weingart

Hi! Iím Alex, one of your Practice Officers, and Co-head of Division 3 with Kevin Wang. Iím a junior this year, and majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Iíve played tennis since I was five (donít worry, that really doesnít make me very good Ėtrust me), I played on my high school varsity team, and have spent four EXCELLENT semesters in TAC. I also enjoy going to the gym with friends and wasting time on facebook (trying to break that habit haha). Iím really looking forward to being an officer in TAC again, and I hope very much to bring together the tennis community at Berkeley. Please let me know if there is anything I can do make your tennis life at Cal even better, and welcome to the TAC family!

||| Practice Coordinator: Lisa Yan

Hi, everyone! I'm Lisa Yan, your Tennis at Cal secretary! I am a first year looking to major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I've been playing tennis for six years, four of which were on my high school varsity team in New Jersey (that's right, I'm from the east coast). I know that for me, TAC has helped me meet both friends and hitting partners; this semester, I am looking forward to seeing new and old players alike on the courts! If you ever have questions about how TAC works, or how to play more tennis around Berkeley, please do not hesitate to ask!

||| Secretary: Joon Kim

Hello everyone! My name is Joon Kim and I will be serving as your TAC Secretary! I'm currently a sophomore majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology. I've been playing tennis ever since I first joined my high school Varsity Tennis team during my freshman year and have loved it! I also enjoy playing basketball or any kind of sport as long as it's something that keeps me moving. This will be my 3rd semester at TAC and I'm always hoping to meet more people through this club. If there is any questions about the club or tennis in general, please don't hesitate to ask. Hope we can have a fun-filled year! :D

|||Webmaster: William Mok

Hey there! I'm William Mok, your TAC webmaster. I've mainly been adding new features to make it more useful to you guys and will hopefully continue to do so these coming semesters. I joined TAC in my first year here at Cal and am only in my second year now, so I have no idea what I'll be majoring in. However, it'll probably be something related to video, photography, music, business, economics, or computer science; I'm just not sure yet. I've only started playing tennis again about two and a half years ago during my junior year in high school. I'm not the best player, but I can keep a game going at least. I definitely don't want to stop now just because we're all old and in college!